Karl Gregory Jones
Web development, Instruction, Consultation



Phone: 612-929-3520

Email: karl@karljones.com

Resume and references on request

Worley Marketing Group

Site: worleymarketinggroup.com

I built this site using WordPress and Bootstrap 3.

The client provided me with well-constructed Photoshop files representing desktop views for the home page and two supporting pages. I created all of the HTML, CSS, and web images. The resulting desktop-sized layouts perfectly match the Photoshop files.

I also designed layouts for tablets and phones: these were a big hit with the client.

Worley Marketing Group

SourceGroup LLC

Site: sourcegroupllc.com

I built this site using WordPress with custom PHP functions. I wrote all of the HTML and CSS, based on Bootstrap 3. The design precisely matched the Photoshop files provided by the client.

The client wanted to display project briefs, so I created custom post type with fields for project brief details, and a custom custom category taxonomy. Now the client can log in as WordPress admin, add new project briefs and do their own editing.

SourceGroup LLC


Site: voncousa.com

I built this site using WordPress with custom PHP functions. I wrote all of the HTML and CSS, based on Bootstrap 3. I created the layout and web-ready images based upon the client's Photoshop files.

Vonco USA

Pearson TestNav 8

I built this administrative control panel using Bootstrap 3. The control panel allows administrators to perform a variety of tasks related to the TestNav 8 testing system: creating user sessions, resetting sessions, generating reports, etc.

I also wrote custom JavaScript for the TestNav 8 system itself, using Backbone.js, Require.js, jQuery.js, and several other JavaScript libraries.

The Test Nav 8 system, and the control panel, are behind firewalls and not available for public viewing. See TestNav 8 Online Support for information about the system.

Pearson TestNav 8 admin console


Site: abil.com

I built this Site using Cold Fusion. I had not done any Cold Fusion previously (and have not since), but it is sufficiently close to ASP that I was able to pick up the Cold Fusion quickly.

I created the layout and and extensive set of web images based upon the client's Photoshop files.


Best Buy

Site: bestbuy.com

I worked on a variety of projects at Best Buy, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and various in-house JavaScript libraries.

Best Buy: 6 month purchasing

Best Buy: financing

Best Buy: shop today

Best Buy: game


Site: designshare.com

I created an early version of DesignShare using ASP, and later converted it to WordPress.


Janet Thomas

Site: janettthomas.com

I built this site using WordPress.

Janet Thomas


Site: sanctuaryspa.com

I built a custom jQuery plugin for the client, and wrote custom PHP for server-side handling.

Sanctuary Spa

Writer's Almanac

Site: writersalmanac.org

I built an administrative control panel for the client using custom PHP within the client's in-house content management system. The control panel allows the administrator to enter, edit, schedule, and search daily releases on the Writer's Almanac.

Writer's Almanac


Some of the project I have worked on are behind firewalls, or have gone offline, or never launched in the first place because the project got cancelled or the company failed.

My resume has more details, and is available on request.

Phone: 612-929-3520

Email: karl@karljones.com